Wireless Thermostats

Wireless Home Comfort Control

Wireless technology continues to replace hard-wired components in many areas of our lives, and home thermostats are no exception. Due to the flexibility wireless thermostats offer when controlling temperature in one or more locations in your home, they’ve become increasingly popular among the homeowners. Wireless thermostat systems consist of a sensor, a receiver and the thermostat itself. Settings are adjusted via remote control. The receiver can be placed wherever the wires are available since it has wiring connection to the unit. Once the receiver is installed, the remote can be used anywhere in the home and by transmitting radio signals to the receiver. Because the temperature sensor is located in the thermostat, you have the ability to place the thermostat in the room where temperature control is most important to you. To increase the level of comfort and convenience, multiple thermostats or receivers can be added to allow control of a single HVAC system in multiple locations of your home.

One Hour Heating & Air installs wireless thermostats in DeKalb and Kane  Counties in Illinois. These units offer the convenience of changing the temperature while you are relaxing in front of the TV, in your bed or while in the kitchen preparing dinner. By installing a wireless thermostat, you can eliminate problems like overheating your home’s upper floor when it’s not in use while keeping the areas of your home that are in use at a comfortable temperature.

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