Electric Heating

Electric heating is a heating application used when it makes sense to install electric heating elements, heat pumps, electric strip heat or what is also called radiant electric heat. An electric heating system can be a great choice for homeowners living in areas where electricity is inexpensive, or other fuel options are limited.

One Hour Heating & Air often uses electric heating elements as a supplement to heat pumps, which is an all electric type of heat. Electric supplemental heaters (called elements) are installed to be sure the strip heaters will kick in and provide ample heat on the coldest of days when the heat pump may not be fully capable of carrying the load. This ensures the home or building is kept at a comfortable temperature.

There are a number of electric heater options:

  • Radiant electric heat.
  • Electric forced air wall units – mounted in the wall.
  • Added electric heaters for what is called resistance heat
  • Heat pumps with air handlers and electric heat elements
  • Electric baseboard heaters
  • Portable electric heaters – plug-in style

The electric heating options for any given situation are based on the needs of the building and the customer’s budget. Electric heat installations are very fast and provide quiet, reliable and dependable heat. Depending upon the area you live in and your utility rates, it may even be a significant cost advantage to you over traditional energy or fuels such as propane, oil, or even natural gas.

Contact the heating specialists at One Hour to review your total comfort needs and the various options for home or commercial building heating. We specialize in installation, maintenance and repair of electric heating systems and all other home heating units.

We offer free estimates to residents of the DeKalb County and Kane County areas, and have been providing heating service to the region for over 55 years.

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