Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

One Hour Heating & Air recommends regular air duct maintenance to prevent issues that can develop over time. If the air ducts are not cleaned the air filters have to work harder which can cause damage to the entire heating and air conditioning system if left unchecked. Air duct cleaning helps prevent these issues and prolongs the life of your home comfort system. Our Northern Illinois based technicians are highly trained in duct cleaning and can handle any job.

Sucking in dirt, debris and particulate matter can lead to clogging and damage to even the best filtering systems, if they aren’t properly maintained. Cleaning and sanitizing ductwork prior to installing a new air filter is critical to keeping your system running properly and for as long as possible, especially in new homes.

The easiest way to get an indication of whether or not you need duct cleaning is to remove a register, swipe a baby wipe on your ducts. If anything is visible on the wipe you may want to have your air ducts professionally cleaned or at least inspected by our duct vision camera. We can easily peer into your air duct system with our digital camera and snake the camera into the air duct system and visually see on a monitor any issues you might have.

There are two main steps involved in cleaning air ducts – cleaning and sanitizing. First we vacuum the air ducts and use a duct cleaning system to clean the inside and remove all dirt, debris, and particulate matter. We then sanitize the ductwork by spraying a bio friendly cleaner inside the air duct to effectively kill all bacteria and viruses that may have survived the cleaning step.

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