St. Charles Illinois Duct Cleaning

Homeowners generally never see their ductwork, so they rarely think about having their ducts cleaned, but having them cleaned is essential to your home’s indoor air quality and your health. Ducts should be cleaned regularly to prevent any build-up of allergens, microorganisms and other irritants that can attach to ducts only to be blown in to the air your breathe. One Hour Air offers duct cleaning services to all customers in St. Charles, IL.

Open access to all of your home’s doors, and HVAC ports and vents is essential to duct cleaning. In addition to having all major vents vacuumed with industrial strength duct cleaning machines, your ductwork should be inspected. Trained duct cleaning specialists like those at One Hour know to look for mold or excess debris buildup, and they know how to investigate the source.

During the duct cleaning process, we take special care to protect your home and carpets from any potential damage, covering furniture and flooring, and vacuuming into sealed containers to reduce the mess it causes. Specially designed tools are utilized to clean fiberglass duct boards and a thorough inspection is performed to ensure there are no asbestos containing materials in the duct system that may need removal or special treatment.

If your ducts are getting clogged, emitting strange particles or your energy bills are climbing for no reason, contact One Hour Air today for inspections and duct cleaning cost estimates.

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